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Monte das Louzeiras

Honey Rosemary 250gr

Honey Rosemary 250gr

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Rosemary honey is a premium honey. This honey is produced in Alentejo where the bees collect this light coloured and delicate nectar from wild rosemary flowers. Many honey connoisseurs consider rosemary honey to be the best honey in the world. This gourmet honey is widely popular in culinary.

In addition rosemary honey can be used medicinally as it is rich in numerous health-boosting compounds from tyrosine to flavonoids.

GOTA rosemary honey has fine, well-balanced and rounded flavour and the delicate floral scent with an evident rosemary

component. Lavender honey is characterised by a very persistent medium sweet taste that grows with the finish and contains weak acidity without bitterness, lingers in the mouth.

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