Collection: Campsite on the farm of Monte das Louzeiras

What could you get your teeth into in Monte das Louzeiras, near the Spanish border between Seville and SerpaWine and olive oil harvested on site from the olive grove with 250 year old trees and a vineyard... Petisco (local snacks)... Sunset drinks... A barbecue? Landscape-wise there is an equally tasty set-up with a 40 hectare olive grove in the Serra Adiça and animals such as sheep, horses, dogs, cats, geese, chickens, peacocks and an ostrich in the yard.

Hosts Ana Luisa, Marc and VIP resident Dunga the ostrich live on the farm. We produce wine in amphorae and oak barrels, but our shop has more than wine: olive oil, piri piri, honey, cosmetic products made from olive oil, vinegar and flavored salts and oils. We are a family business with Swiss and Portuguese roots - and we welcome you with open hearts and arms.

There is a good piece of nature at Monte das Louzeiras. In the patio, surrounded by orange and lemon trees, you can enjoy breakfast, petisco or even a barbecue. We are happy to serve you our wines and other drinks on the terrace with pool, even at sunset.

Relax in the palm park in the shade of palm trees and other trees, read a book in one of the hammocks, or play badminton, volleyball or boules. (the equipment is available).

The park is also perfect for yoga, pilates, tai-chi or meditation. Groups are also welcome.

When it comes to wine tasting and olive oil tasting you have two options: olive oil and wine tasting in our Amphorae-Adega which is one of the "rota do vinho de talha" or on the Alentejo Wine Route. For snacks you have a choice of those served on site or a cafe in the small village of Vale de Vargo, a 35 minute walk away.

Get all the groceries you need at the supermarket 10 minutes' drive away, then head to Serpa, 20 minutes' drive away. This small town offers cultural events and museums and is considered the capital of , a UNESCO-listed traditional Portuguese music genre.