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Organic - Body Scrub Lavender with Olive Oil

Organic - Body Scrub Lavender with Olive Oil

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Organic - Body Scrub Lavender with Olive Oil 150g

Lavender essential oil is one of the favorite scents in the world, and marine salt is naturally exfoliating. Combining the two with the premium organic olive oil we create a magnificent scrub - a luxurious SPA product, which everyone can use at home. It is an effective body scrub that supports shin renewal without disturbing its natural balance.

Apart from its moisturizing properties working for silky soft shin the scrub provides an ultimate feeling for rest and calm reflection.

The Body Scrub Lavender works at 3 levels:

  • Salt cleans the skin by exfoliation, removing dead cells and stimulates (through associated massage) the circulatory, metabolic and lymphatic system.
  • Olive oil hydrates deeply by penetrating the epidermis and leaving a protective film that maintains the ionic balance of the skin. It allows the skin to breathe, which provides a sense of hydration that lasts throughout the day.
  • Lavender is antiseptic, emollient (decreases pain, inflammation and itching), restorative and healing of tissues.

Ingredients (100% Bio)

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Lavender essential Oil
  • Lavender
  • Artisan Sea Salt

Mode of use:
Apply evenly over the entire body and rinse with water

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